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 Lifeionizers SEO Case Study


SEO Client Review Krasovetz Consulting

Todd and the team at Krasovetz Consulting are amazing. When they started, our company blog had a position in search of 180 – we were getting next to zero organic traffic. Today, our average position in search is 33 and traffic is spiking! It’s high-quality traffic too, sales are up. I truly believe we might have gone under if we hadn’t have found Krasovetz. If you’re serious about organic traffic to your site, I highly recommend getting in touch with them” – Leo M. Lifeionizers IT
If you own an online business, then you know the difference between a case study that is all marketing fluff and one that demonstrates an ability to have real business impact.

Our internet marketing and SEO case studies are the real thing. You’ll see that we don’t promote “guaranteed rankings”, “more visibility” or any of the other tricks found with other SEO companies. Krasovetz Consulting, LLC case studies revolve around what really matters, R.O.1 & sales. You can feel confident that our clients invest with the intention to grow their businesses online, not just to feel better through brand marketing.


Lifeionizer Case Study by Krasovetz Consulting,LLC

Lifeionizer Case Study & Google Penalty Repair traffic graph by Google Webmaster Tools October 2016 :  Krasovetz Consulting,LLC




The above graphs show the result of our Search engine Optimization (SEO) efforts for www.lifeionizers.com and their family of websites.