A2B Data™ is a total Active San Diego Data Staging solutions for Big Data. Take your data from multiple sources into one unified place using point-and-click technology.

Searching for the best San Diego Data Staging Solutions for your business? We can take your data form various sources using our premier “point-and-click-technology. FREE DOWNLOAD

Data Lake Utilization

Set-up your data lake and begin ingesting big data in hours, not weeks. Also, remember we are bi-directional, so your data products can be extracted from the data lake and placed in other data stores.


Cloud Integration

Scalable, Cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) that Integrates your data across diverse environments seamlessly. Securely processes your data hosted on-premise, in the cloud, remote location or file storage.


One solution, multiple targets.

San Diego Data Staging SolutionsA2B Data™ was designed to leverage and process a variety of data streams from any source to any target database.





A2B Data™ supports multiple files and databases

Any delimited file, any structured and unstructured table formats, streaming and/or messaging data.


“What puts us ahead of the rest is how A2B Data™ processes your data.”

Automated Data Migration and Integration Solutions for Big Data Environments

For over 21 years, Wyntec has been a leader in big data solutions. From data architecture and integration to data mining, warehousing, migration and business intelligence. Now with A2B Data™, Wyntec offers the fastest solution to automate you big data from any source to any target. With Wyntec’s A2B Data™ software, your organization can now get your data when they want, where they want it. By removing the data integration bottlenecks created by traditional ETL solutions, you accelerate the entire process.


Is your company positioned for Big Data?

According to a new report from IBM Marketing Cloud, 90% of the data in the world today has been created in the last two years alone, at 2.5 quintillion bytes of data a day! 


Lightning fast deployment of data from Source A to Source B means data gets where it needs to be in minutes or hours instead of weeks or months.


A2B Data™ was designed to dramatically streamline the data acquisition process, reducing the expensive man hours and overhead.


100% data accuracy is achieved since A2B Data™ is metadata driven and utilizes built-in best practice design patterns.


Keep your confidential data confidential. With A2B Data™ your information never leaves your firewall. Not quite what you need? CLICK HERE

  • Automates the Data Staging process
  • Process data (bi-directionally) from “any source to any target”
  • Saves money, as no code is maintained
  • Scalable as it supports your small to very large data environments
  • Project timelines are accelerated
  • Project risks are mitigated
  • The history of changed data is preserved
  • 100% Accuracy and consistency is enforced

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Production Use

  • Free Download
  • Free Production Support for the first 50 objects
  • Tiered pricing that scales based on usage learn more