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Why San Francisco Leading B2B Consulting Services

San Francisco B2B Consulting & Training Services (B2B) is a consulting and training firm devoted to helping any size business gain the business knowledge and tools needed to be sustainable and profitable online. We offer a variety of services, programs, and events uniquely designed to help small businesses grow, create jobs and strengthen communities online. Our firm is committed to the work and set high expectations to ensure that our clients receive quality services, helping them to achieve their goals.

What leading B2B Consulting & Training Offer in San Francisco

leading B2B Consulting & Training Offer

San Francisco B2B consulting & training will help you business find superior resources in the following:

IT Training (Microsoft Office Suite training program)
Target Audience/Quality (designed to train employees working for smaller businesses)
CompTIA A+ and CompTIA Network+

Target Audience/Quality

The program is design for anyone with a HS diploma or a GED who will be committed to successfully completing the program. To preserve the quality of the program, we maintain a low student to instructor ratio with class sizes of 15 students or less. The course is taught by instructors with experience in the IT field.

Course Details

The course runs over a 10 week time period and is led by experienced instructors that teach at a level where the students can understand. The curriculum and content is taken directly from the CompTIA A+ book. The course lessons range from learning the main components of a PC to setting up basic networks.

Students also receive hands-on experience in the classroom, which include disassembling and reassembling PC’s to become more familiar with components and basic troubleshooting techniques. The course is designed to be interactive with many visual aids. In addition, practice exams are used to assess the readiness of each student to take the actual exam.

Each student will receive a book that covers all the course lessons. At the conclusion of the program, each student will receive two testing vouchers to take the CompTIA A+ test to become certified. The CompTIA A+ exam is made up of 2(801,802) exams that spans all the material covered in the course. CompTIA A+ certification is a vendor-neutral certification and is required by multiple PC manufactures to become a service technician. This certification is held by more than 900,000 IT professionals who hold jobs as IT Support Administrators, IT Support Technician, Field Service Technician and other positions.

All students will have competency in the following areas upon completion:

Fundamentals of all PC components
PC troubleshooting techniques
Assemble/disassemble desktops, laptops, and servers
Basic networking & Security
Installations and configurations
Operating systems and features
Preventative maintenance and safety operations

Teach students PC fundamentals and provide hands-on experience
Provide IT career opportunities

Quality industry IT standard education
Certification vouchers for test
Job placement assistance
For more information on our Microsoft Office Suite, CompTIA A+ and CompTIA Network+ classes, open-enrollment, or to book our mobile lab for an employee training program, please email us at admin@krasovetzconsulting.com

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