Been Hit By Toxic Links? Identifying Traffic Drop Causes

Google Penalty Experts

In a world of such volatility online, one must ask, “how do I possibly stay on-top of google algorithm changes and penguin updates to keep my website compliant? Unfortunately, this movement has increased substantially and It’s the situation that every SEO professional fears to see. The day you login to Google Webmaster Tools or Google Analytics account to see that their traffic has plummeted downwards and you do not know why. Fortunately, panicking is not the solution!


What is “Link Juice”?


Now more than ever, the complexity on how “Link Juice” is obtained and the method on how those links acquire traffic is much more difficult than it used to be.  Finding the source of a “toxic link” or related bad-link problem needs to be  addressed correctly and with the right methodically and most important with the correct Google Webmaster Guidelines,

So you traffic has dropped? Now What.

The majority of the time, when you see a drastic change, it’s is normally because your traffic source has changed. We suggest you take a hard look at what has been done recently and troubleshoot.

  • The first step  is to research where is the exact source, go to and check your inbound links and traffic sources, if its an SEO issue (like a recent change to your metadata, text links, alt tags, etc, etc, etc)  then obviously your organic traffic will be down as well.  Referral traffic: many of the issues stem for referral traffic from other sites which range for social networks and related media platforms. Compare your drop in organic traffic to these. If your social traffic is down as well,  then make take a look at changes to down links or ads that could be causing the issues. We strongly suggest you log into your Google Webmaster Tools and Analytics to see what is happening. Learn more



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