Krasovetz Consulting has been wonderful to work with. I felt like Green was their only client. Krasovetz Consulting guided us through the process of designing the site. I know very little about what it takes to make a website great including how to get it marketed but it was clear from day one we were in good hands.

The staff at Krasovetz Consulting walks you through the process in layman’s terms. They constantly praised me for my input and made me feel part of the process. On the day we made our presentation to potential investors, we were applauded for our efforts and the new website. Todd K.continues to provide suggestions on how to ad elements and to market.

Edits to our site are made within minutes or within the hour. Green Proposals are so excited to have our beautiful new website. The look is fantastic, professional, it’s informative and it is very easy to navigate. Krasovetz Consulting has quite a staff and we highly recommend them to anyone searching for a full service online solution. Shelley Temkon-Owner